Untitled Space Game

I previously mentioned that I'm working on several projects, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. While it means I'll have several products some time in the future, I also have a bad habit of starting a new project, binging on it for a few weeks, and then abandoning it for quite some time as I come up with some new idea to work on and obsess over. I've been trying to force myself to pick one project and stick with it, and this is the result. It's the first time I've pushed a project into a state where I'd like to share it with people, thought it's still at a point where I'd hesitate to call it an alpha build. See below the break to check it out.

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We're Back

There's been another absence during which I've been a bit busy working on various projects. It hasn't been fruitless, and I'll shortly be making another post showing off one of those projects in its current state. For now, this is just to let everyone know that I'll be trying to get back into a regular rhythm of posting.

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Story Review: The Stone Canal


The Stone Canal is the second book in Ken McLeod's Fall Revolution series. You might call it a sequel to The Star Fraction, which I reviewed earlier, but it isn't really a sequel in the traditional sense. See below the break for further explanation.


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